The future depends entirely on what each of us does every day; a movement is only people moving

Gloria Steinem

  • It’s not personal
    How many times have you been told: “Don’t take it personal”? Myself, too many to count. And how often your immediate response is to go on defence mode and say “Of course it’s personal, it’s MY life! or “it’s MY career!” or “it’s MY [insert whatever comes to mind]” ThatContinue reading “It’s not personal”
  • What do you think?
    I want to start this post with some questions: – What is already working well in your life (personal and/or professional)? – What is causing it to work well? – What can you do to make things be even better? I have been asking myself these questions for almost 10Continue reading “What do you think?”
  • What are you doing it for?
    There was an illusion that our lives were slowly going back to normal. Then the second lockdown arrived, and we had to put our plans and our lives on hold again. This uncertainty, not knowing what to expect is taking a toll on our mental health, making it challenging toContinue reading “What are you doing it for?”
  • Book Review: The Paradox of Choice
    The Paradox of Choice – Why More Is Less was published by American psychologist Barry Schwartz in 2004. In this book, Schwartz states that choice is crucial for our freedom and happiness, but at the same too much choice can also have have a negative impact in our well being. So…Continue reading “Book Review: The Paradox of Choice”
  • What are your values?
    What are your values in life? If you can list them, you are an exception not the rule. Most people blank when they are asked this question. They don’t know what their values are and I believe this is a fundamental problem of modern society. Values are what drives usContinue reading “What are your values?”
  • Series Review: When They See Us
    When They See Us is an American miniseries of Netflix released in 2019. In just 4 episodes, it narrates the story of the Central Park Five from 1990: the quintet of teenagers that were wrongly incarcerated, wrongly charged with the crime of assaulting and raping a white jogger. Just becauseContinue reading “Series Review: When They See Us”
  • Mind the gap
    At some point we allowed the busyness of life to take over, we put the autopilot on to make life less stressful, to escape. At some point we forgot how important it is to be present in the moment, here and now. Mindfulness is a practice used to focus ourContinue reading “Mind the gap”
  • Time management
    Looking at your past week, how much time have you spent reacting to what others needed and how much time have you spent doing what you had planned for the week? Is it 60:40? 50:50? Maybe 80:20? Nowadays it’s SO EASY to get distracted. There are so many things thatContinue reading “Time management”
  • What makes you take action?
    Motivation. Your “motive” to take “action”. What motivates people? Why do we feel motivated? How do we keep our motivation going? These and many other questions have been the subject of research for decades. There are thousands of articles about motivation techniques (26,000 in Google Scholar since 2020 alone), numerousContinue reading “What makes you take action?”
  • Learnings on the proactivity challenge
    This has been a very insightful challenge. And I will admit I have not managed to conquer it as well as I would have liked because there is so much more to it! Having clarity on what is important in our lives, who we want to be and what weContinue reading “Learnings on the proactivity challenge”
  • Book Review: Man’s Search for Meaning By Viktor E. Frankl‎
    Wether you have already read it or not, now is the perfect time to read this book. Dr Frankl talks about his experience in concentration camps and elaborates on the school of thought that he founded: logotherapy. If you, like me, are new to logotherapy, here is what it means:Continue reading “Book Review: Man’s Search for Meaning By Viktor E. Frankl‎”
  • Book review: Authentic Gravitas
    Next, I’ll be reading “Man’s search for meaning” by the famous Viktor E. Frankl
  • What are your strengths?
    There is a well established management technique that assesses internal and external factors to evaluate the competitive position of a company or project and ultimately, to identify areas of improvement and to develop strategic planning. This is the so called SWOT analysis. On its own it is not very helpful.Continue reading “What are your strengths?”
  • Proactivity
    How do you love when you don’t love? This is part of a conversation of Stephen Covey with one of his clients. He shares it in his book “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”. And I must admit that it resonated with me very strongly. The answer in bullet pointsContinue reading “Proactivity”
  • Learnings from empathic listening
    After practising empathic listening for over a week, and making a conscious effort to implement it in my day I have learned some things. The first point was to nominate someone close to me and tell them about this challenge. I chose my husband, so I’ll start with his feedback:Continue reading “Learnings from empathic listening”
  • How are you feeling?
    We all experience feelings and emotions, positive and negative. They are part of life. Feelings are they way we live our emotions. We experience them internally and based on how we express them externally, people can understand what we are feeling. Emotions are unconscious reactions. They are more than feelings.Continue reading “How are you feeling?”
  • Empathic listening
    This week I’ll be working on and improving my empathic listening. What is empathic listening? It is a communication technique that consists on understanding the person you talk with before you try to get your point across. It is more than just actively listening and paying attention to what othersContinue reading “Empathic listening”
  • If not now, when?
    We are currently living a time of crisis worldwide. Covid-19 has forced millions of people to go on lockdown and give up entirely their livelihoods to help save lives. We’ve put our lives on hold, our social lives on hold, our ambitions on hold, our dreams on hold… Not onlyContinue reading “If not now, when?”

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