What are your strengths?

There is a well established management technique that assesses internal and external factors to evaluate the competitive position of a company or project and ultimately, to identify areas of improvement and to develop strategic planning.

This is the so called SWOT analysis.

On its own it is not very helpful. It must be part of a wider context or strategy. When used successfully, it provides solutions that can be used to our advantage. But we must act on them to have an impact.

To succeed in my proactivity challenge, I have done my own personal SWOT analysis. I have been wanting to do this for a while now because it gives perspective on my current situation and highlights things that I need to do.

Below I’m going to breakdown the model for you so you can do your own too.

It is divided into 2 areas:

  1. Internal factors (those within your control)
    • Strengths: what you do well compared to those around you or what others perceive you do well at. These are important to maintain and use them in your advantage. They can become opportunities if we leverage them.
    • Weaknesses: what you can improve on or what others perceive as your weak points. These are the things to fix or stop. They can become threats if nothing is done but also opportunities if they are dealt with properly.
  2. External factors (those outside your control)
    • Opportunities: developments that can be an advantage for you. Once identified, these must be prioritised and make plans to optimise the opportunities.
    • Threats: obstacles you may be facing, technologies that put your role at risk or even colleagues competing for your role. Once identified, make plans to mitigate or eliminate these risks.

Get in touch if you want a copy of my personal SWOT analysis template with prompt questions. I’ll be happy to send it across to you.

I hope you find the helpful.

Good luck!

I’d like a copy of the personal SWOT analysis template!

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