It’s not personal

How many times have you been told: “Don’t take it personal”? Myself, too many to count. And how often your immediate response is to go on defence mode and say “Of course it’s personal, it’s MY life! or “it’s MY career!” or “it’s MY [insert whatever comes to mind]” That is the ego speaking. OurContinue reading “It’s not personal”

What do you think?

I want to start this post with some questions: – What is already working well in your life (personal and/or professional)? – What is causing it to work well? – What can you do to make things be even better? I have been asking myself these questions for almost 10 years now to find answersContinue reading “What do you think?”

Book review: Authentic Gravitas

According to Dr. Newton’s book, gravitas is a skill that can be learned regardless of age, position or experience. Some important things that people with authentic gravitas do are: Be aware of the gap between their desired intention and the impact caused Be courageous (this translates into confidence) Be mindful of others and connect withContinue reading “Book review: Authentic Gravitas”